Surprise your guests with something NEW and adventurous . . . that is really OLD and delicious!

Sap Sago Cheese – also referred to as Swiss Schabziger® -- is made only in Switzerland from a thousand year-old recipe.  It is a unique, hard, pungent, grating cheese with uses limited only to your imagination.  A little goes a long way!

Our Sap Sago customers tend to be very sentimental about this unique cheese.  Many have ties to Europe and grew up eating it with fresh bread and butter (hmmm good!)  Now is the time to introduce it to a new generation! 

Sap Sago Cheese has these features:

  • 100% natural with a deliciously distinctive flavor.
  • Made with skimmed cow's milk mixed with aromatic blue fenugreek, giving it a characteristic aroma and attractive green herb color.
  • Keeps almost indefinitely at room temperature (however, we keep it under refrigeration to ensure it comes to you fresh).
  • Uses are endless -- grate it over boiled or baked potatoes, noodles, pasta, pizza, soups and salads and even over apple and cherry pies.
  • Hard to find in North America, even in specialty cheese shops.  We import it from Switzerland.

Use our Zyliss Classic Rotary Cheese Grater to finely grate your Sap Sago Cheese.


From our customers:

“Sap Sago is an old time favorite but hard to come by locally. I like to grate it, then gradually add butter to blend it into a spreadable paste to be put on crackers.”

 “I recently started a new low fat diet which does not allow me to have dairy products unless they are very low in saturated fat… I was a little skeptical when I ordered this slightly green cheese from Switzerland. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. It is delicious. We have grated it on salads and pasta dishes and love it. It is very similar to parmesan cheese. I would highly recommend this Sap Sago cheese to any cheese lover who wants a little less fat intake.”

"My Great Grand Parents, Grand Parents and Parents all made this spread to put on toast and you cannot buy Sap Sago at the store. This is a Hungarian recipe past [sic] down. I order it from Homestead Market and they are the best! They have it in stock and their prices are reasonable."

Jana Duval is the Marketing Manager at Homestead Market
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