Why Spray Supplements?

Here are a few good reasons for taking oral spray supplements:

Excellent absorption. We expect a lot out of the supplements we buy. High-quality products are often expensive and require time and organization to take as directed. If they are poorly absorbed, we are wasting our money and time. With VitaMist products, you spray directly into your mouth and swallow. The result is a simple transformation of a nutritional supplement into nurturing energy.

Ease of swallowing. Swallowing tablets and capsules -- especially in large numbers—is very difficult for some people. It can be frightening and even dangerous to have a huge tablet lodge in the back of your throat. VitaMist Sprays make swallowing super easy. Just open your mouth, spray, swallow, and you’re done.

Convenient. VitaMist Sprays are small enough to carry in your pocket or purse when you travel. There’s no pill counting, and you won’t need to find a beverage to help with swallowing.

Palatable and Burp-Free. Some tablets and capsules have an unpleasant taste and may cause burping as they digest. VitaMist Sprays taste good, and because they do not go through the digestive system, they will not repeat on you.

Give VitaMist Sprays a try!

Jana Duval is the Marketing Manager at Homestead Market
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