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Blairex Zilactin-B - 7 Grams

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Apply Zilactin®-B on sores inside your mouth and get up to 6 hours of relief.
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Treatment for Sores Inside the Mouth

ZilactinB is a gel with a patented bioadhesive that forms a barrier over your canker and mouth sores to lock in powerful medicine. With Zilactin-B, you can eat and drink pain free up to 6 hours without having to continually reapply.

  • Patented bioadhesive promotes healing.
  • Eat and drink pain free for up to 6 hours.
Combine with Squigle and/or Tooth Builder Toothpaste and Source Naturals Propolis Tincture for added comfort. You may also be interested in our Canker Sore Relief Kit.

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