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Blairex Zilactin-B - 7 Grams
Blairex Zilactin-B - 7 Grams

Blairex Zilactin-B - 7 Grams

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Apply Zilactin®-B on sores inside your mouth and get up to 6 hours of relief.
Part Number: HBZB

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Treatment for Sores Inside the Mouth

ZilactinB is a gel with a patented bioadhesive that forms a barrier over your canker and mouth sores to lock in powerful medicine. With Zilactin-B, you can eat and drink pain free up to 6 hours without having to continually reapply.

  • Patented bioadhesive promotes healing.
  • Eat and drink pain free for up to 6 hours.
Many of our customers struggle with Canker Sores.  Our most go-to products are the toothpastes made by Squigle, Inc.  They include Squigle and/or Tooth Builder Toothpastes, as well as Squigle Jr Toothpaste, designed for babies and toddlers and for adults looking for the raspberry flavor. 

Squigle toothpastes contain a high amount of xylitol, which help protect against plaque and cavities.  They contain no harsh detergents, such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which are believed to be a contributing factor in canker sores. They also don't contain harsh abrasives, stinging flavors, irritating tartar control agents or bleaches. Squigle contains fluoride, whereas Tooth Builder and Squigle Jr are fluoride free.

Durham's Canker Rid
is made with honey bee propolis and serves as an infection protectant and a preventive supplement and provides a superior source of bioflavonoids and amino acids, among many other benefits.

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