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Bread Dipping Spice Canister - 4 flavors

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Four uniquely flavored dipping spices in one canister. Experiment in creating tasty dishes with ease. The canister includes Parmesan Blend, Rosa Maria Blend, Silician Blend and Tuscany Blend.
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This Bread Dipping Spice Canister contains four uniquely flavored dipping spices that will be a welcome addition to any kitchen. Use the spices in soups, on salads, in casseroles or even in homemade bread or pizza dough.

Included in the canister are 1.0 oz. each of the following spice blends: Parmesan Blend, Tuscany Blend, Sicilian Blend, and Rosa Maria Blend.

We also offer Bread Dipping Seasonings in individual jars and Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.

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