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BrushPicks Oval Pack - 275
BrushPicks Oval Pack - 275

BrushPicks Oval Pack - 275

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Remove plaque and food from between teeth while stimulating gums. Maneuvers easily around hard-to-reach places.
Part Number: DDBP275
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Get relief from the annoying collection of food caught between your teeth. Brushpicks to the rescue! The Doctor's® BrushPicks® - The World's Best Toothpick™ -- safely removes plaque and food particles from your teeth and stimulates your gums.

What makes Brushpicks® "The World's Best Toothpick™"?
  • Rounded safety tip protects gums
  • Tiny bristles brush away plaque and debris
  • Flexible stem maneuvers easily around hard-to-reach places
  • Scored base for added flexibility around dental and bridge work
  • Serrated edge to improve plaque removal
  • Tapered tip fits easily between teeth
  • Made from hygienic polypropylene plastic
Brushpicks are also available in a refillable Keychain Dispenser that allows you to conveniently carry Brushpicks with you wherever you go.

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