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Carlson Super Daily Vitamin D3 - 4000 IU - 12.6 ml

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Support bone health and get your daily dose of Vitamin D3 the easy way. Just one drop gives you 4000 IUs.
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Super Daily D3 provides concentrated liquid vitamin D3 with added vitamin E in a single drop. You can receive your daily dose of vitamin D3 by simply adding a drop to your favorite food or beverage. Carlson Super Daily D3 provides a full 4,000 IU dose of vitamin D3.

Researchers continue to investigate vitamin D for its important role in promoting calcium absorption. Higher concentrations of vitamin D in the blood have been associated with strong bones and good health. Vitamin D has more functions and health benefits than formerly realized. This amazing vitamin supports healthy immune system function, supports a healthy mood and promotes muscle strength. Yet sadly, many people are not getting an adequate amount of this essential nutrient.

When outside, many Americans cover up most of their skin surface with clothing and sunscreen. Avoiding the sunlight prevents our bodies from making natural vitamin D. Carlson D drops is a convenient way to ensure you receive the vitamin D your body needs.

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