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Dry Mouth Causes and Tips for Increasing Comfort 

Most of us take for granted the saliva in our mouths.  Saliva plays a critical role in keeping our mouths clean and moist and helps to start digestion of the foods we eat.  Unfortunately, some people’s bodies fail to produce saliva, and they struggle with “dry mouth.”

The cause of dry mouth varies.  Among other things, it can be a side effect of medications, the result of an accident or an immune disorder called Sjogren’s syndrome.  Whatever the cause, our customers with dry mouth experience great discomfort.  They also face potential damage to their teeth and gums and express frustration with the few remedies available.

In an effort to offer some relief for those struggling with dry mouth, we are always on the lookout for products that can help make life a little more comfortable.  We hope that our selection below will be of help to you or your loved ones.

Tips for Temporary Relief from Dry Mouth Irritation

Squigle and Tooth Builder Toothpastes by Squigle Inc.

squigle trio Squigle, Squigle Jr, and Tooth Builder Toothpastes fight cavities associated with dry mouth.  They are also free of the harsh ingredients found in most toothpastes, which are known to irritate sensitive mouths. They contain no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), cocamidopropyl betaine, tartar control agents or bleaches.

All three toothpastes contain 36% US birch xylitol, which soothes and protects dry mouths.  It also discourages the development of plaque, cavities and even bad breath.

Squigle contains fluoride and a light peppermint flavor while Tooth Builder is fluoride free, has no added flavors, and is designed to reduce the pain of sensitive teeth. Squigle Jr is also fluoride free and contains the same ingredients as Tooth Builder but has a raspberry flavor.

To help with dry mouth, put a dab of Tooth Builder or Squigle Jr Toothpaste (but not Squigle) in your mouth at night, and let it dissolve as you sleep.  The xylitol in these toothpastes both cools the mouth and adds moisture.

Hager Dry Mouth Drops

For those struggling with dry mouth, these hard candy discs help in the production of saliva. They are sweetened with xylitol, instead of sugar, and will reduce plaque-forming bacteria and plaque debris in the mouth. They are also free of aspartame, sorbitol, lactose and gluten and are suitable for diabetics. Three flavors:  Cherry, Melon, and Mint.

Spry Moisturizing Mouth Spray™

Moisturizes the gums and tissues in the mouth with safe and effective xylitol, an all-natural sweetener.  This Moisturizing Spray was developed to improve overall oral health by providing nutrients which have moisturizing effects and encourage salivation. Rain has a natural spearmint flavor which helps to freshen breath.  It can be used as needed to provide soothing relief and moisture to dry or irritated mouth tissues. Its high xylitol content provides a natural cooling and moisturizing effect.

OraHealth XyliMelts for Dry Mouth

XyliMelts moisturize the mouth and coat it in a soothing oral lubricant to keep your mouth comfortable for hours. Adhering disc technology means you can even use XyliMelts while you sleep, when dry mouth is at its worst!

XyliMelts also contain xylitol to suppress the harmful bacteria that flourish in a dry mouth, reducing bad breath, plaque, tooth decay and gum disease!

XyliMelts come in 40-disc packages.  Flavors include Cinnamon, Slightly Sweet(Mint-Free), and Mild Mint.

Terry Naturally Omega-7

Sea buckthorn oil is one of the best sources of the rare Omega-7 essential fatty acid. Omega-7® helps retain moisture in the body where it is needed most. It is one of the major reasons why Hydra-7® can rejuvenate skin and mucous membranes, including the tissues which line the mouth.

Xylitol Gums, Candies, and Mints

Using gums, mints, and candies with xylitol can also give temporary relief for dry mouth.  Xylitol  helps in cooling and providing moisture to the mouth.  Homestead Market‘s collection of xylitol gums, mints, and candies comes in a variety of flavors and sizes.  Brand names include Epic, Spry, B-Fresh, XyliChewDr. John's, Ice Chips, and Snowflakes.

To see all of our Dry Mouth Products please visit our: Dry Mouth Page.

*This information is provided by the manufacturers or has been compiled by Homestead Market from materials provided by the manufacturers. Homestead Market is providing this information solely for your ease of reference. Homestead Market is not providing this as advice, nor does Homestead Market make any representations regarding the accuracy of the information. Statements about these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.