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Earthing Universal Mat
Earthing Universal Mat

Earthing Universal Mat

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Exploring the great outdoors offers many health benefits, such as increasing serotonin and vitamin D levels to decreasing stress and anxiety.*

Some believe that walking barefoot can help neutralize the electric charge that runs through our bodies. The theory is that when our skin touches the earth, the earth’s charge can help reduce a number of ailments.

This practice is known as “earthing.” While walking barefoot on the sand or in your backyard is not possible or practical for all of us, earthing (grounding) mats may offer a similar result.

A earthing mat may copy the contact we would otherwise get if our feet could directly touch the earth. It mimics the electric current of the earth so the person stepping on it can bring the experience into a home or office.

The Earthing Universal Mat can be used on a desk (placed beneath the keyboard), in bed, on the floor, or even as a pet mat.and conduct the earth’s energy.

This Earthing Universal Mat includes:
  • One mat with electrical earthing connection cord
  • One fabric cover
  • One outlet grounding tester 
The mat requires an outlet with a ground port.

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