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Epic Xylitol Gum - Wintergreen - 1000 piece bag

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Epic Xylitol Gum is a favorite with its excellent flavor, chewing consistency and 1.06 grams of xylitol per piece.
Part Number: XGE1000WG
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This wonderfully flavorful gum is sweetened exclusively with cavity-fighting xylitol. Each piece contains 1.06 grams of xylitol - the most of any xylitol gum on the US market.!

Xylitol Defends Your Teeth: Your teeth’s number one enemy is acid. Xylitol’s unique molecular structure works against the source of acid – sugar-consuming bacteria. In fact, studies show that as little as 6 grams of xylitol daily will reduce this acid-producing bacteria. By reducing the bacteria, you protect your teeth.

Xylitol Is Diabetic Friendly Sweetener:  Xylitol is only an 11 on the glycemic index, and it contains 40% fewer calories than sugar.

Xylitol Soothes & Quenches: Epic’s xylitol not only naturally stimulates saliva flow but also fights the cause of the acid production. Both our gum and mints are ideal ways to produce additional saliva.

This gum is gluten free, non-GMO, sugar free, contains no aspartame, and it is vegan.

TMJ patients avoiding gum chewing may prefer Xylitol Mints, Toothpaste, Oral Rinse and Dental Floss as alternatives to gum as part of a daily xylitol routine.

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