It’s that time of the year again, GARAGE SALE EVENT! I don’t know about you, but we are excited to get some inventory cleared out to make room for new products and more of the best products!

You might be asking what kinds of things we will have in the sale. Well, great question! There will be items that we are getting ready to discontinue from our site, products that we just have too much of, and products that need to be sold quickly for enjoyment right away.

Last year, this was one of our biggest and best sales and we had some great feedback, so why not do it again? We are happy to pass some extra savings on to you so we can get ready for our upcoming new products.

Lines that will be on sale include: ACURE, Sweet Baby Shampoos and Lotions, select Inspired Sweets Candies, Xylitol Gum and Mints for quick enjoyment, select clearance items of Epic Gum, Trim Healthy Mama Plan and Cookbooks, select Carlson Labs Supplements, other name brand supplements, Manuka Honey, select Xylichew Gum,  and much more.

We hope that you have some time to shop the upcoming May event and get stocked up on some of your favorites or try a new product! So get ready to shop early and get the best pick of the sale items. Our GARAGE SALE EVENT starts May 1st and ends May 31st!

I am ready to shop the Sale!

Jana Duval is the Marketing Manager at Homestead Market
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