It is a new year and a new decade – we love a good fresh start to help us dream big, plan for the future, and create meaningful goals. One of our goals, for this year, is to provide helpful and fun products for our customers. For the month of January we wanted to give something useful, healthy, and yummy to help launch you into 2020. 

We thought and thought and finally landed on the January 2020 Smart Start Sample Bag! 

So, What is the Smart Start Sample Bag? 

Homestead Market’s Smart Start Sample Bag is an eclectic collection of xylitol products for a happy mouth that you can get for FREE as a gift from us! 

Well, What’s in the Sample Bag? 

  1. 1 XyliTEK Ultra-Strength Waxed Xylitol Dental Floss

    This is a unique but lightly waxed dental floss that contains xylitol to help prevent plaque and bacteria from accumulating on the surfaces of teeth when used.

  2. 2 ToothZone XyLip Xylitol Tropical Lime Lip Balms 

    A new product for Homestead Market, this silky Xylitol lip balm has SPF 15 and a light but sweet lime flavor. Please note that due to the SPF 15 Sunscreen, the XyLip lip balms have an expiration date of 03/2020. However, it will still be moisturizing for your lips!
    It is made with Aloe, Beeswax, and Essential Oil for a .15 oz. stick and its made in the USA! 

  3. 3 Samples of Epic Xylitol Gum

    Epic gum has excellent flavor, chewing consistency and more xylitol per piece than most other xylitol chewing gums with 1.06 grams of xylitol per piece. This flavorful gum is sweetened exclusively with cavity-fighting xylitol, so there is no aspartame! Flavors that could be in your Smart Start Bag include Cinnamon, Fresh Fruit, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Wintergreen. 

  4. 3 Samples of Epic Xylitol Mints 

    These high-quality xylitol mints from Epic Dental give you powerful dental protection in the fight against cavities and leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed! Each mint is a pressed tablet that contains 0.5 gram of xylitol, flavors and calcium stearate - that's it. Did you know there are two mints in each packet? Exactly, 1 just isn’t enough ?? 

  5. 1 Sample of Ice Chips Candy Mints

    One of the first Xylitol Candy mints to market and known from the TV show Shark Tank, these sugar-free Ice Chips are sweetened with xylitol in a variety of flavors and are made in the USA. 
Wowza! This bag has an MSRP Value of $11.23 a Retail Value of $7.89 and for the month of January, from Homestead Market you can get the Smart Start Sample Bag Free! 

How do I get a FREE Smart Start Sample Bag?

Just order $25 or more in product at Homestead Market in the month of January AND at the checkout enter coupon code “jan20”! Yes, that’s it. 

Or if you want to purchase additional bags, you can do so for just $2.75 per bag. 

Thank you for shopping with Homestead Market and our Wisconsin family business!


Jana Duval is the Marketing Manager at Homestead Market
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