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  1. Grab Bag
Grab Bag
Actual Sample Bag items may differ from what is pictured

Grab Bag

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Grab Bags! A fantastic variety of xylitol products to make your mouth happy.
Part Number: TB
Details on Grab Bags below!
This year's Grab Bag holds a wonderful variety of tasty xylitol products and candies!

Grab Bag contains a variety of the following:*
  • Epic Dental Xylitol GUM - 12 piece sleeve (Fresh Fruit or Peppermint)
  • ABL Silver Biotics Lozenges: 1 lozenge with Manuka Honey and/or 1 Lozenge with Vitamin C
  • Dr. John's Healthy Sweets Hard Candies and/or Lollipops and/or Taffies and/or Caramels
  • XyliTEK® Ultra-Strength Nylon Dental Floss with Light Wax and Xylitol
  • Epic Dental Xylitol Mint Samples
  • Hager Dry Mouth Xylitol Drops (Mint and/or Melon)
*Actual Grab Bag contents may vary due to product availability.
Full Retail Value: $4.50

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