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Hager Xylitol Dry Mouth Drops - Melon - 12pk

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For those struggling with dry mouth, these hard candy discs help in the production of saliva. They are sweetened with xylitol instead of sugar and will reduce plaque-forming bacteria and plaque debris in the mouth. They are also free of aspartame, sorbitol, lactose and gluten and are suitable for diabetics. Each 2 oz. bag contains 26 drops.
  • Does not promote tooth decay
  • Low-calorie sugar substitute
  • Aids in saliva production
  • Perfect complement to tooth brushing
The xylitol in these drops is made from Finnish birchwood, and the drops themselves are made in China. Each drop contains two grams of xylitol.

A box of 12 2-oz. bags comes in Melon, Cherry, and Mint. We also offer single 2 oz. bags, as well as a box of single-wrapped mixed-flavor drops.

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