Just recently, Dr. John’s® introduced their new line of THRIVE® and THRIVE®+ Lollipops, which we now have ready to order in our online store! Why are we so excited, you might ask? Well, these lollipops are "the world’s first all-natural, no sugar, lollipop!"

What’s the big deal about that?

The THRIVE® lollipops are bursting with 5 grams of dietary fiber as well as 3.3 grams of natural sweeteners, Erythritol and Xylitol, which just so happen to help fight cavities. Not only are these lollipops innovative, they were developed to help improve oral, digestive, and overall health for consumers.

What is the difference between the THRIVE® and THRIVE®+ lollipops?

Both lollipops contain dietary fiber, but the THRIVE®+ lollipops take things to the next level by including PROBIOTICS and MORE FIBER! That’s right, 1 billion CFUs, 5 grams of dietary fiber (that’s 20% of the Daily Value), 3.3 grams of Erythritol and Xylitol (half of the dentist-recommended amount), and only 14 calories! The probiotic ingredients within these THRIVE+ lollipops help support digestive and immune health as well as protein utilization. 

What are the flavors?

Thrive® lollipops come in a variety of flavors. Choose from an 8oz. or 1lb. bag of chocolate or Fruit Mix, which is made up of strawberry, blackberry, and orange flavors. However, the Thrive®+ lollipops come in 8oz. or 1lb. bags of the Fruit Mix - strawberry, blackberry, and orange flavors. Right now, we have the Fruit Mix for both types of lollipops and bag sizes, but don’t worry – chocolate is coming soon! 


Some Facts:
  1. These lollipops contain no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
  2. The THRIVE® and THRIVE®+ lollipops are naturally sugar free
  3. They are a high source of Fiber
  4. The THRIVE® lines of lollipops are a source of prebiotics
  5. They are nut free
  6. Gluten Free
  7. Non-GMO
  8. Soy Free
  9. Dairy Free
  10. They are also good for people who struggle with Dry Mouth
  11. Safe for diabetics, but we always recommend talking with your physician for final approval
  12. Kosher
  13. Thrive®+ lollipops contain 1 billion CFUs of probiotics.

In addition to these treats being absolutely amazing for you, Dr. John’s® has also designated that a portion of each sale will go towards the MaxLove Project SuperKids. These children and families were the inspiration behind the development for the THRIVE® line of lollipops. So now, these children with cancer who should not consume sugar or certain artificial ingredients, can have a tasty treat even while they are fighting cancer because these lollipops are the healthiest sugar free candies in the market.

We encourage you to try these amazing lollipops and hope that you enjoy them as much as our team does here at Homestead Market.

*Reference source: Dr. John's Candies

Jana Duval is the Marketing Manager at Homestead Market
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