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N. Am. Germ-a-Clenz - 4 oz.

N. Am. Germ-a-Clenz - 4 oz.
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Part Number:HNAGC4
Germ-a-CLENZ is a multi-purpose germicidal spray. Clean the air of germs and odors. Destroy mites, mildew and mold. Spray in mouth as an antiseptic. Natural, non-toxic and edible.
Product Snapshot:
Primary Ingredients:
Carvacrol phenol, thymol phenol, cuminaldehyde phenol, wild spice essences
Designed to:
Clean air of germs and odors. Destroy mites, mildew and mold. Antiseptic for skin. Clean fruits and vegetables.
4-oz. spray bottle
Recommended Use:
As desired
Ingredients and Supplement Facts:
Refer to Ingredients/Directions tab below
See Also:
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Here is an all-purpose germicidal spray that is natural, non-toxic and edible. Germ-a-CLENZ serves as an air cleaner to kill germs and neutralize toxic chemicals and odors. It also destroys mites, mildew and mold, including airborne mold. Safely spray on food to clean and protect fruits and vegetables. Use it as an antiseptic by spraying it on the skin or in the mouth. It is completely safe to spray around infants to fight germs. Works safely on pets, too.

  • Supports a healthy, germ-free environment.
  • Made from mycelized essential oils, it is natural and edible.
  • Can be used on countertops, bed sheets, mold-infested basements, furnace filters, air conditioners, and anywhere else that needs purifying.
  • Great for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Product Disclosures:

The actual product shipped may differ in ways which Homestead Market considers to be non-material from the description of the product set forth herein. Pictures and listed ingredients may not reflect manufacturer up-dates, new formulas and re-formulations. Please inspect the product closely upon receipt and contact Homestead Market if you are not satisfied with the product which you receive.
This product should be used only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Please read all information about the product before use.

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