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OraCoat XyliMelts for Dry Mouth - Mild Mint Sample - 1 pc.

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XyliMelts are fully-dissolvable oral adhering discs whose active ingredient, Xylitol, is slowly time-released in the mouth, contributing to long-lasting salivary flow benefits. Mild mint flavor. Made in the USA.
Part Number: HOXM-S
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XyliMelts are an innovative product for dry mouth support. Stimulating saliva, XyliMelts also moisturize the mouth and coat it in a soothing oral lubricant to keep your mouth comfortable for hours. Adhering disc technology means you can even use XyliMelts while you sleep, when dry mouth is at its worst!

XyliMelts also contain xylitol (550mg per disc) to suppress the harmful bacteria that flourish in a dry mouth, reducing bad breath, plaque, tooth decay and gum disease!
  • Last for hours
  • Stimulate saliva flow
  • Can be used while sleeping
  • Suppress harmful bacteria which flourish in a dry mouth
  • Moisturize and coat the mouth for optimal comfort
  • Mild mint flavor freshens breath & stimulates saliva
We also offer Mint-Free XyliMelts for those who prefer no mint flavor.

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