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Premium Canker Sore Relief Kit
2 Squigle, 1 Propolis Tincture, 1 Zilactin-B

Premium Canker Sore Relief Kit

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Fight the pain and aggravation of canker sores with this powerhouse punch:
  • Squigle Enamel Saver with Fluoride and Tooth Builder Toothpastes -- both with Xylitol -- fight canker sores.
  • Zilactin-B adheres to the sore and allows you to eat and drink without pain for up to 6 hours.
  • Source Naturals Propolis Tincture soothes the pain and helps in the healing of canker sores.
  • Buy as a kit and save 25% off MSRP.
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Are canker sores a painful nuisance to you or to a family member?  Here's our Canker Sore Strategy:
  • PROMOTE healing
  • PREVENT recurrence!
Our Canker Sore Relief Kit includes the following items: 
Squigle®Enamel Saver ®Toothpaste with Fluoride 
Use Squigle to prevent canker sore outbreaks. It enables you to have excellent oral hygiene, even during a canker sore outbreak. Squigle is free of all the harsh ingredients found in conventional toothpastes, which trigger canker sores and make them hurt.

Squigle has 36% by weight of Xylitol, which profoundly inhibits the growth of plaque.  Plaque secretes acids, which trigger canker sores.  More Xylitol means less plaque.  And less plaque means less canker sores.

See Squigle Toothpaste for more information on Squigle and its fluoride-free sister product Tooth Builder

Tooth Builder® Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth 
Like Squigle, Tooth Builder Toothpaste contains 36% US birch Xylitol and helps prevent canker sores. Conventional toothpastes for tooth sensitivity contain potassium nitrate, which works as a local anesthetic, calming sensitive tooth nerves. This is not as effective as stopping tooth sensitivity by blocking the open dentinal tubules, the way Tooth Builder does. Tooth Builder Toothpaste contains no fluoride and is flavor-free. 

In building your Canker Sore Relief Kit, you may choose 2 tubes of Squigle or 2 tubes of Tooth Builder or one tube of each. See Comparison of Squigle and Tooth Builder Toothpastes to help you choose.

Apply Zilactin-B to your canker sores beginning on Day 1 to reduce the pain and aid in healing.  It creates an immediate flexible covering over your canker sores, which prevents mechanical and chemical irritation.  Zilactin-B contains benzocaine, a surface anesthetic to dull the pain as soon as it is applied.  For ages 2 and up. See our Zilactin-B product page for more details.

Source Naturals® Propolis Tincture
Begin applying this Propolis Tincture on Day 2 to soothe the pain of your canker sore.

Propolis is resin collected by bees from trees and plants.. Because the resins are generally part of the plant's defense mechanism, propolis contains many compounds that can support immune health, too. 

Note that bee products may cause an allergic reaction in some people.  Discontinue use if this occurs.  If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.

See Source Naturals Propolis Tincture for more detailed information. 

Save 10% off our regular price when you buy these products as a kit!

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