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Rocky Mountain Hemp Hearts POWDER - 9 pc. case
Rocky Mountain Hemp Hearts POWDER - 9 pc. case

Rocky Mountain Hemp Hearts POWDER - 9 pc. case

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Buy Hemp Heart Powder by the case and save! The powder comes from Rocky Mountain's original Hemp Hearts (shelled hemp seeds). An excellent source of protein, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes. 9 1-lb. jars per case.

Note that the Hemp Heart Powder is now sold in 9-tub cases only. Please allow extra time for delivery as this is a special-order item.
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NOTE: Please take care in ordering this Hemp Heart POWDER that you do not confuse it with Hemp Heart FLAKES or our original Hemp Hearts. The packaging may look similar on all three.

Rocky Mountain Grain has removed most of the oil from its Hemp Hearts® to make two delightful, pure hemp products -- Hemp Hearts POWDER® and Hemp Heart Flakes.® Hemp Heart Powder is wonderful with soups, dressings, drinks, smoothies, protein shakes, and high-moisture foods. It dissolves almost entirely in hot water. Rocky Mountain Grain Hemp Powder is free of sandy textured ground shell material.

With much less fat than Hemp Hearts,® the Hemp Powder does not lubricate the digestive system too much to be used with starches and processed foods. With 35% less calories and 65% more protein than normal Hemp Hearts,™ this reduced-fat powder is extremely satisfying and can be used to lose weight without any hunger. Protein is by far the most important nutrient for tissue health.

Hemp hearts do not contain significant amounts of sugar, starches or saturated fats. Sugar, starches and foods made with added fats are not essential for health and are detrimental to those with weight problems and diabetes.

Allergy Information: Hemp Hearts are free of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, eggs, nuts, dairy, soy and gluten, but they were produced as whole seeds on farms that commonly grow peas, oil seed and cereal crops. Normally non-allergenic. (Canadian farm products cannot be guaranteed to be microscopically free of wheat, weeds, or other grains.

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