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Signature Pre-School Toothbrush - Assorted Colors
Sold individually - Available in 8 colors

Signature Pre-School Toothbrush - Assorted Colors

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Colorful tooth brushes sized to fit little mouths. Assorted colors. Made in USA. Toothbrushes sold individually. Available in 8 colors.
Part Number: DTBSPS

Recurring Order

Toothbrushes in multiple colors make brushing teeth more fun for your littlest ones. Colors shipped will be random unless you specify a desired color in the checkout process.

You might also consider buying our Squigle Jr Toothpaste, made especially for kids. Also, check out our other dental care products, which includes dental floss. The ADA recommends flossing your child's teeth as soon as they have two teeth that touch one another.

 These American Dental Association's (ADA) teeth-brushing recommendations for adults also apply to kids:
  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush. The size and shape of your brush should fit your mouth allowing you to reach all areas easily.
  • Replace your toothbrush every three or four months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed. A worn toothbrush won’t do a good job of cleaning your teeth*

For more on ADA's dental care recommendations, see https://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/b/brushing-your-teeth.

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