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Smart Sweet Erythritol Granules - 1.5# bag

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All-natural and GMO-free Erythritol sweetener has zero calories, is safe for diabetics and does not promote tooth decay.
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Erythritol is a white crystalline powder that is odorless and has a clean sweet taste that is similar to sucrose. It is approximately 70% as sweet as sugar and flows easily due to its non-hygroscopic nature. This natural sweetener has been a part of the human diet for thousands of years due to its presence in fruits -- pears, melons, and grapes, for example -- and such other foods as mushrooms, wine, cheese, and soy sauce.

Since 1990, erythritol has been commercially produced and added to foods and beverages to provide sweetness as well as enhancing food taste and texture. It is a superb replacement for sugar in chocolate, bakery cream fillings, beverges, fruit preparations and fillings and as a table top sweetener.

Smart Sweet Erythritol:
  • Is made in France from GMO-free corn
  • Is kosher
  • Has zero calories and carbohydrates
  • Is safe for diabetics. Erythritol does not affect blood serum glucose or insulin levels. Zero glycemic index.
  • Has high digestive tolerance. Erythritol is rapidly absorbed and eliminated from the body within 24 hours. Laxative side effects, sometimes associated with excessive polyol consumption, are unlikely when consuming foods containing Erythritol.
  • Does not promote tooth decay.
    • Inhibits plaque formation and cavities.
    • Remineralizes tooth enamel and controls s. mutan bacteria.
  • Clean taste. Erythritol has a pleasant, clean taste with no aftertaste.
  • Does not encourage the growth of yeast, including candida albicans.

  • Smart Sweet Erythritol is also available in 4.5 lb. bags.

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