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Smart Sweet Xylitol Crystals - 1.5# bag

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Replace processed sugar with Smart Sweet Xylitol Crystals. Far less calories and recommended for diabetics. Available in 1.5 and 4.5 pound bags and in single-serving packets. Made in the USA with birch-based xylitol
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Smart Sweet Xylitol Crystals look and taste like regular white sugar but have 40% fewer calories. They are made of pure and natural xylitol. Xylitol is recommended for diabetics, since it does not require insulin to be metabolized.

Smart Sweet Xylitol Crystals are:
  • Produced in the USA in an FDA-certified facility under the strictest quality standards.
  • Made from birch trees, not corn.
  • Guaranteed to be free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
  • Completely safe for all ages.
You can substitute Smart Sweet Xylitol Crystals for most of the purposes you would otherwise use sugar. It is great on cereal and in coffee and tea, and tasty on cinnamon toast. If you plan to bake with xylitol, start with half xylitol and half sugar. Adjust as your taste buds require. For ways to use xylitol in recipes, see Sweeten Your Life the Xylitol Way cookbook.

Smart Sweet Xylitol Crystals also come in 4.5-pound bags and single-serving packets.We also offer Smart Sweet Xylitol Powder as a replacement for powdered sugar.

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