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Snowflakes Xylitol Mints - Spearmint - 1.5 oz. tin - Made in the USA
Snowflakes Xylitol Mints - Spearmint - 1.5 oz. tin - Made in the USA

Snowflakes Xylitol Mints - Spearmint - 1.5 oz. tin - Made in the USA

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Only two ingredients make up this refreshing sugar-free candy -- xylitol and spearmint natural flavor. It is made in the USA.
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Snowflakes Mints -- shortened to SNØ* -- satisfy your sweet cravings without adding more sugar to your diet. Each uniquely shaped “Snowflake” contains sweet and crunchy birch-bark xylitol and drops of delicious natural spearmint flavor. Snowflakes can be a great chewing gum replacement when you are looking for something both tasty and mouth freshening where chewing is not desired. It has the same health benefits as in our xylitol gums, only in a hand-cracked candy form.

Experience the dental benefits of xylitol in Snowflakes. Harmful, acid-producing bacteria cause plaque and tooth decay but are unable to digest xylitol, slowing bacteria's growth in your mouth.

Xylitol is an FDA-approved all-natural sweetener. The xylitol used in Snowflakes is extracted from birch bark in sustainably-managed forests. In addition to being free of sugar, these candies contain no fat, gluten, GMOs, soy, dairy, hardeners, fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors.

The benefits of Snowflakes include:
  • Friendly to diabetics.
  • Safe for women who are pregnant or nursing.
  • 40% fewer calories & 75% fewer carbs than sugared candy.
  • Enjoy at any time to, for example, please a sugar craving or freshen your breath.
  • Depending on the Snowflakes you choose, the natural flavors include oils, essences, and extracts from natural sources like melons, berries, and edible plants.
  • Non GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten-Free, Keto Certified, Certified Vegan, Paleo Friendly, Kosher.
Visit Xylitol Mints to see additional choices in sugar-free mints.

*According to the manufacturer, the Ø in SNØ is from the Norwegian alphabet. It was adopted into the Snowflakes branding as a tribute to the Nordic region, which is widely considered the birthplace of xylitol. The symbol also serves as a reminder of what Snowflakes Candy doesn’t contain, such as sugar, dairy, fat, artificial colors or sweeteners, preservatives, or gluten.

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