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Sweet Baby Shampoo - Pear - 8 oz.

Sweet Baby Shampoo - Pear - 8 oz.
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High-lathering sulfate-free shampoo designed for babies and young children. Contains natural plant-based ingredients. Sweet Baby Shampoo may only be shipped in the USA, U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
Product Snapshot:
Manufactured In:
8 oz. bottles
Available Formulas:
Bubble Gum, Coconut, Pear, Tropical, Vanilla, Unscented
Designed for:
Babies and young children.
Refer to Ingredients/Directions tab below
Free of:
Sulfates, parabens, phthalates, anesthetizing ingredients, DEA, dyes or endocrine disruptors, such as lavender oil or tea tree oil
Sweet Baby Shampoo is a rich, nutritious high-lathering salon-quality shampoo for babies and children. Sweet Baby Shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes baby's hair with plant-based ingredients. The result is beautifully smooth hair in harmony with nature.

  • Available formulas: scented or unscented (for sensitive skin or allergies)
  • No SLS or any sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, phosphates, DEA or dyes
  • No endocrine disruptors, such as Lavender or Tea Tree Oils (because of a recent study on Web MD showing these have caused breast growth in boys. See Web MD article, “Lavender Oil May Spur Breasts in boys.")
  • Contains natural plant-based ingredients and is Vegan
In addition to Pear, Sweet Baby Shampoo comes in a variety of scents as well as unscented.

Two Notes on Use of Sweet Baby Shampoo
  • Unlike regular baby shampoo, this shampoo is not "tear-free," because it does not contain anesthetizing ingredients (tear-duct numbing agents) that are found in most shampoos. If the shampoo does get in the eyes, immediately flush eyes with clean water repeatedly.

  • For those with sensitive skin or allergies, please use the unscented shampoo.

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Product Disclosures:

The actual product shipped may differ in ways which Homestead Market considers to be non-material from the description of the product set forth herein. Pictures and listed ingredients may not reflect manufacturer up-dates, new formulas and re-formulations. Please inspect the product closely upon receipt and contact Homestead Market if you are not satisfied with the product which you receive.
This product should be used only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Please read all information about the product before use. Pay particular attention to any warnings or cautionary statements from the manufacturer. If you are uncertain about the use of a product, consult the manufacturer before using the product.

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