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Sweeten Your Life Xylitol Cookbook

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Prepare healthy foods with these quick and easy recipes using xylitol as a sugar substitute.
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This well-known cookbook has 114 pages of recipes developed specifically for using xylitol, the natural low-calorie sugar substitute. Recipes by nutritionist Karen Edwards are quick and easy, have a minimum number of ingredients, and use whole foods and other natural ingredients for delicious results and healthier cooking.

It contains sections on xylitol, helpful hints, and now over 100 recipes for cookies, pies, cakes and frostings, ice cream, drinks, breads and muffins. Sweeten Your Life lets you satisfy your craving for sweets the healthy way.  The cookbook has a hard cover with spiral binding to let pages lie flat. See our Xylitol Crystals department for our product selection.

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