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Tooth Zone Xylitol Sponge Floss - 40 meters

Tooth Zone Xylitol Sponge Floss - 40 meters
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Unique dental floss with xylitol gently stimulates gums and removes plaque between teeth, below the gum line, and helps to prevent gingivitis.
Product Snapshot:
Manufactured In:
South Korea
Product Intent:
Slide Xylitol-infused floss between teeth to remove food, stimulate gums, and remove plaque. Slight spearmint flavor.
40 meters (43.8 yards)
Recommended Usage:
After eating, as part of brushing teeth, or as desired.
Note to Customer: Tooth Zone Xylitol Dental Floss is identical to the Spry Xylitol Dental Floss you have purchased in the past. The Spry brand was manufactured by Tooth Zone, and Spry has now removed it from its product line.

Tooth Zone Xylitol Sponge Floss with Xylitol cleans where your toothbrush can't. It combines multiple nylon-expanded fibers with a slight spearmint flavor coated with xylitol, and it gently and effectively stimulates gums, removes plaque between teeth and below the gum line, and as part of an overall daily dental regimen, it helps to improve oral health.
  • Sponge Floss is more effective at cleaning in wide spaces. Also great for individuals with dental appliances.
  • Unique, patented floss that's smooth, strong and shred-resistant.
  • Xylitol-coated floss (studies have shown xylitol has proven oral health benefits, and it tastes great)
  • Gently stimulates gums and helps prevent gingivitis
  • Effectively removes plaque between teeth and just below the gum line when properly used
  • Recommended by dental professionals.

The spool contains 43.8 yards (40m) of waxed, xylitol-coated sponge floss.

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Please keep xylitol away from pets. Although xylitol has many benefits for people, it can cause serious health risks for dogs. Canine consumption of xylitol can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar which may result in depression, loss of coordination, seizures, liver failure or may even be fatal. Call your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your dog has consumed any amount of xylitol.

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