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VitaMist Grape Seed Spray - 13.3ml

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Attack free radicals with this powerful, natural antioxidant. Grape seeds contain a group of bioflavonoid compounds called proanthocyanidin. They are some of the most efficient natural free-radical scavengers known.
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This spray contains a powerful, natural antioxidant known as proanthocyanidin, which is extracted from grape seeds, and is one of the most efficient, natural free-radical scavengers known.

Free radicals, including peroxides, are byproducts that can be formed in our bodies. They can develop through exposure to toxic chemicals in air, food and water, or from overexposure to sunlight. The body's normal chemical processes also form free radicals, including metabolism of polyunsaturated fats.

The human body does have a defense system, however, in the form of special enzymes that neutralize free radicals. This comes in the form of antioxidants, such as proanthocyanidin. VitaMist Grape Seed utilizes this power while adding it to the time-tested vitamins B6 and B12, which also help to minimize free radical damage.

Why Spray Vitamins?
Using VitaMist Sprays brings a number of benefits:
  • VitaMist vitamins are especially useful for those who experience difficulty in swallowing tablets.
  • Vitamist spray vitamins allow you to exercise more control over dosage levels to achieve optimum benefit in a palatable and easily administered form.
  • Convenience - VitaMist spray vitamins fit into any schedule and can be taken anywhere.
  • Efficiency - Emerging from a closed and sealed environment through a microliter spray, Vitamist products are sprayed directly into the mouth and swallowed. The result is a simple transformation of a nutritional supplement into nurturing energy.

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