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VitaMist Osteo-CalMag Spray - 13.3ml

VitaMist Osteo-CalMag Spray - 13.3ml
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Walking, gardening, climbing stairs, or dancing -- we want to stay active as we age. Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and 13 herbal extracts work together to promote bone health. VitaMist® Osteo CalMag Spray may only be shipped within the USA.
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Product Snapshot:
Primary Ingredients:
Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and 13 herbal extracts
Product Intention:
Provide a balanced herbal extract to aid in maintenance and absorption of calcium within the body
13.3 ml vial
Servings per Container:
30-day supply
Recommended Use:
2 sprays 4X daily
Ingredients and Supplement Facts:
Refer to Ingredients
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Osteo-CalMag is designed as an herbal supplement with the addition of calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D. The purpose of this product is to provide a balanced herbal extract as a dietary supplement that will aid in the maintenance and absorption of calcium within the body. Each of the herbs included in the product has been used as a source of calcium or as an aid to the absorption of calcium from other dietary sources. The product contains extracts of 13 different herbs, ranging from alfalfa to valerian.

One daily adult dose of VitaMist Osteo-CalMag provides both calcium and magnesium from each of the different herbs. In addition, we have added soluble and readily available calcium and magnesium in the forms of calcium ascorbate and magnesium gluconate. These two ingredients help to maintain a steady supply of calcium and magnesium electrolytes.

Osteo-CalMag contains vitamin D, which is a vitamin considered vital for the absorption of calcium from all sources. Vitamin D is a highly recommended vitamin, especially for the elderly, and those who have limited exposure to the sun.

Osteo-CalMag should be viewed as a maintenance product and used in conjunction with a good diet that includes calcium-rich foods. Since your body does not produce calcium, you may be able to get it through other sources, including:
  • Dairy products, such as cheese, milk and yogurt
  • Dark green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli and kale
  • Fish with edible soft bones, such as sardines and canned salmon
  • Calcium-fortified foods and beverages, such as soy products, cereal and fruit juices

Even if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, you may find it difficult to get enough calcium if you:
  • Follow a vegan diet
  • Have lactose intolerance and limit dairy products
  • Consume large amounts of protein or sodium, which can cause your body to excrete calcium
  • Have osteoporosis
  • Are receiving long-term treatment with corticosteroids
  • Have certain bowel or digestive diseases that decrease your ability to absorb calcium, such as inflammatory bowel disease or celiac disease

If your concern is that you might not be getting enough calcium in your diet, you should check with your doctor. He or she will be able to tell you if calcium supplementation is right for you.

It is important to note that mega dosing with calcium will have little to no additional benefit, as levels of calcium above those recommended by the FDA (1,000 mg per day) are unlikely to be absorbed by your body. In fact, taking calcium in excess of 2,000 mg per day may actually do you more harm than good.

VitaMist® Osteo CalMag Spray may only be shipped within the USA.

Why Spray Vitamins?
Using VitaMist Sprays brings a number of benefits:
  • VitaMist vitamins are especially useful for those who experience difficulty in swallowing tablets.
  • Vitamist spray vitamins allow you to exercise more control over dosage levels to achieve optimum benefit in a palatable and easily administered form.
  • Convenience - VitaMist spray vitamins fit into any schedule and can be taken anywhere.
  • Efficiency - Emerging from a closed and sealed environment through a microliter spray, Vitamist products are sprayed directly into the mouth and swallowed. The result is a simple transformation of a nutritional supplement into nurturing energy.

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The actual product shipped may differ in ways which Homestead Market considers to be non-material from the description of the product set forth herein. Pictures and listed ingredients may not reflect manufacturer up-dates, new formulas and re-formulations. Please inspect the product closely upon receipt and contact Homestead Market if you are not satisfied with the product which you receive.

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