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Vitalize Mints - Lemon - 25g - Made in the USA

Vitalize Mints - Lemon - 25g - Made in the USA

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Our tasty Vitalize Mints contain xylitol in place of sugar and leave no aftertaste.
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Vitalize Mints are healthy homemade candy mints that are free of sugar.  The key ingredient is Xylitol, which is a healthier alternative to sugar and doesn't mess with your blood sugar level. Xylitol benefits your teeth and diet, as well, and keeps your sweet tooth from crying out for a sugar fix!

Each Vitalize candy contains 1 gram of Xylitol. They are attractively packaged with 20 mints in each resealable bag. The mint flavors come in Spearmint, Wintergreen,  Peppermint, and Assorted Mints, while the fruit flavors come in Sour Cherry, Orange, Lemon, and Assorted Fruits.  Peppermint, Assorted Fruits and Assorted Mints come in both 25-gram and 8-oz. bags.

Why Xylitol as the Sweetener to Replace Sugar?
It is all-natural, strengthens teeth, safe for diabetics, reduces new tooth decay, inhibits growth of dental plaque, and most of all it makes our mints delicious and satisfying!

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