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Vitalize Mints - Peppermint - 25g

Vitalize Mints - Peppermint - 25g

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New to our line of mints, sugar-free Vitalize Mints contain xylitol as a sweetener and electrolyes to keep your body replenished and refueled.
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Vitalize Mints are healthy homemade candy mints that are all natural and sugar free and contain electrolytes and xylitol.

The key ingredient is Xylitol, a healthier alternative to sugar, which doesn't play havoc with your blood sugar level. Xylitol is also great for your teeth and diet, and most of all, satisfies your sweet tooth! Each Vitalize candy contains 1 gram of Xylitol.

Why Vitalize Mints? Vitalize Mints are the perfect combination of the typical sugar-free candy mint, but also contain a small amount of electrolytes to replenish and refuel your body.

Attractively packaged with 20 mints in each resealable bag.

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