Not knowing what our lives will look like after the Covid19 induced “safer at home” and “shelter in place” relax, we have taken the precautionary route of offering to our customers a high quality charcoal-filtered cotton breathing mask. 

Why choose Black Ice’s Breathing Masks with activated charcoal filter? 

  1. These face masks are made with 100% cotton. 
  2. They help to filter: 
    • Viruses, Dust, Pollen, Pollution, Smoke, Germs, Bacteria 
  3. The breathing masks are washable! 
    • Just wash your hands, remove the charcoal filter from the mask. 
      • You can set the charcoal filter aside to use again if has been used for less than 50 hours or it is not clogged with particulate matter. 
    • Hand wash, gently, in a sink or small basin with a small amount of soap/laundry detergent. Make sure to wash for at least 20 seconds, just like the amount of time for washing your hands. Rinse the breathing mask with warm water and wring dry. If you have a vent, please be careful not to damage the vent. We recommend to lay the mask flat and let it air dry. 
      • DO NOT put your breathing mask in the dryer – it will shrink. 
    • Or place breathing mask in a garment bag and wash on delicate cycle and again lay flat to air dry 
  4. These face masks are reusable! 
  5. Breathing masks are available in child sizes too! 
  6. Each breathing mask with pocket comes with 2 insert-able, replaceable activated charcoal filters a. This is the key to being able to breathe clean air 

Why is the charcoal filter important in the Black Ice Breathing Masks? 

The charcoal filters in the black ice face masks are rated PM2.5. Each filter contains 5 layers to help it filter out various particles including: smoke, smog, dust, pollen, pollution, germs, viruses, bacteria, and gasses. The key layer is the activated charcoal layer. Why? Because it adsorbs particles as small as 2.5 microns. This is the exact reason charcoal filters are used in commercial kitchens, water filtration systems, HEPA filters, etc. 

 The Black Ice Breathing Mask with the activated charcoal filter is just like wearing a HEPA filter, but better! 

Are the Breathing Masks Comfortable? 

Yes! We feel, from personal experience, that the face masks are super comfortable. 

You can adjust the metal nose bridge to your liking. All that you need to do is press the metal piece down around your nose and cheek bones to create a seal. This helps to prevent foggy glasses! Many of our customers have commented how they love these face masks because they work so well with glasses. 

The breathing masks have adjustable ear loops too! 

How Do I Fit My Breathing Mask? 

First, please wash your hands. Next, remove one activated charcoal filter from the package and insert it into the pocket on the white side of the breathing mask or the side of the mask that touches your face. The filter can be inserted either direction. 

Now, place the rigid metal nose piece over your nose then pull one ear loop over one ear, and then pull the other ear loop over the other ear. Adjust the ear loops if necessary by sliding the plastic/rubber ear loop piece up or down the ear loop strings. 

Lastly, please adjust the metal nose bridge by pressing down on the nose bridge to create a tighter fit. 

Two Black Ice Breathing Mask Types are Available 

Vented Masks and No-Vent Masks 

How do they differ? 

Well, the Vented Masks have a one-way valve for venting moisture. Some people prefer these to help make breathing easier and to help keep the mask dry. Because the Black Ice Breathing Masks have the charcoal filter, the exhaled air also passes through the filter before exiting through the breathing valve, helping to protect those around you. 

This type of breathing mask is available in black for adults and pink and blue for children. 

The Non-Vented or No-vent Black Ice Breathing Masks are exactly that – a wonderful breathing mask with pocket for the charcoal filter, but it does not have the one-way vent. 

This type of breathing mask is available in black, galaxy, and flower power! 

Great options that provide additional protection with the charcoal filter. 

What about charcoal filter replacements for the Breathing Masks? 

Do not worry! We have you covered there as well! We carry charcoal filters for the children’s masks as well as 2 packs and 6 packs of the charcoal filters for the adult breathing masks. 

You can find those here.

Ready to order your breathing mask? 

Shop our breathing mask selection here! 

One last note! You can keep your resealable bag that the breathing mask and filters came in, to act as storage when you are not using it. You can just seal and toss the bag into your backpack, purse, briefcase, or bag.