Ever feel like you like you could use an Energy Boost? Well, we have felt that and can relate! Just recently, Terry Naturally® released a brand-new red ginseng product that does just that and we are thrilled about it! Let’s learn more together. 

What is Ginseng and what is Red Ginseng Specifically? 

Chinese medicine has used the herb, Ginseng, for many centuries. It is a short and sluggish plant that has fleshy roots. The amount of time that the roots are allowed to grow and how they are dried is what classifies the ginseng into: fresh, white or red. 

Fresh ginseng is picked prior to reaching 4 years of growth; white ginseng is picked between 4 – 6 years and is air dried; while red ginseng is the oldest, being picked after 6+ years and is traditionally steamed which causes the coloration to go red/brown. Ginseng is primarily made up of ginsenosides and gintonin which work in harmonization to help provide health benefits. 

Traditional ginseng is comprised of classic or common ginsenosides. Our bodies convert these into noble ginsenosides within our gut. Noble ginsenosides are then more effortlessly able to be absorbed in our intestines in turn utilized by our whole body. Additionally, the steaming process that red ginseng goes through can help make these ginsenosides more absorbable which could be one of the reasons that Korean practitioners favored red ginseng. 

Now, What is HRG80™ Red Ginseng used by Terry Naturally? 

  • HRG80 Red Ginseng is a more superior red ginseng because it is specifically grown in an ultra-clean, carefully tended, pesticide free, free of harsh solvents, and toxin free, ideal hydroponics environment which makes it not only safe and reliable but increases the amount of valuable compounds called noble ginsenosides. Noble ginsenosides have been demonstrated to be 17 times better absorbed than traditional ginsenosides.† Because Terry Naturally’s HRG80 Red Ginseng is more powerful than traditional red ginsengs, using the whole root for full spectrum action, it delivers 7 times more of these rare and noble ginsenosides. These ginsenosides are the plant’s most used form of the compound to keep you feeling invigorated and strong all day long. †† 
  • Did you know that your gut health can impact how much of the noble ginsenosides your body absorbs? Well, why yes, your healthy gut bacteria does dictate how many ginsenosides are absorbed. 

Why is Terry Naturally’s Red Ginseng More Absorbable? 

Terry Naturally has combined their clean and potent HRG80 red ginseng with a “special absorption-enhancing delivery system” called GammaSorb™ and xylitol to create a sweet-tasting chewable tablet. 

GammaSorb™ delivery system is a plant-based ingredient that attaches to nutrients which makes them more bioavailable and easily absorbed for optimal benefits to the body to help support overall health.

Can Women take Terry Naturally’s HRG80 Red Ginseng? 

Why yes, women can take red ginseng! Known traditionally as a “male” supplement, red ginseng can also help women. During clinical studies, ginseng has been effectively used to help women with: menopause, libido, energy, mental wellness, as well as total health.* Furthermore, there are published studies that demonstrate no negative impacts on hormonal balance. 

What Can HRG80 Red Ginseng Energy Do For Me? 

Terry Naturally’s Red Ginseng Energy Chew Tablets provide astounding support for focus, concentration, and an active life. 

These red ginseng chews can help with: 
  • Stamina and endurance 
  • Mindful focus and concentration 
  • Mental and physical energy 
  • Resilience during stress^ 
  • Healthy cortisol, serotonin, and GABA levels 
Terry Naturally’s HRG80 Red Ginseng Energy supplement holds adaptogenic qualities that may help you feel energized by helping you to feel more resistant to stressful times. We know that stress is mentally and physically exhausting, but with the help of Red Ginseng from Terry Naturally you may find that you are calmer at bedtime getting a healthier night’s sleep leading to a more energized day! 

Get your Terry Naturally HRG80 Red Ginseng Energy Chews here at Homestead Market!

††Compared to the rare, noble ginsenoside content of conventional ginseng 
^Occasional stress 
†Compared to classic ginsenosides in an in-vitro scientific (Caco-2) study


Jana Duval is the Marketing Manager at Homestead Market
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