This month our product sale features the EuroPharma® Terry Naturally® product line. EuroPharma® carries incredible nutritional supplements that we are proud to stand by and make available to our customers and family. One of our common goals with EuroPharma is to always work toward optimum total body health, which we understand looks different for everyone.

We started with this company several years ago because they are a local Wisconsin family-owned business with many values similar to ours and because of their Terry Naturally® BCM-95® Curamin® (winner of 28 awards) and CuraMed® supplements. The curcumin used in the Terry Naturally® products is a clinically studied ingredient, backed by extensive published studies. While curcumin has historically been considered one of the primary compounds in turmeric responsible for its many benefits, the ability for people to absorb curcumin at effective levels has been limited. The Terry Naturally® Curcumin combines a high-quality curcumin extract with turmeric oil to enhance absorption.

Terry Naturally® continues to add new products the Curamin® line, as well as a number of new lines that include French Grape Seed VS1® Extract and Traumaplant® Comfrey Cream. Each of their products contains clinically tested ingredients and is formulated and created with strict devotion to current Good Manufacturing Practices.

The Terry Naturally® labels are true to the product, so you can trust that what is on the label is in the product. Another great fact is that they never cut corners. They use the highest quality ingredients possible to create their products. Additionally, they search for and feature GMO-free ingredients in their supplements wherever possible.

Terry Lemerond, the EuroPharma® founder, has helped to research and develop over 400 nutritional and botanical formulations. His commitment to excellence and innovation has brought several “firsts” to the industry, something we appreciate here at Homestead Market®. Several of us, from Homestead Market®, have had the chance to hear Mr. Lemerond speak; his passion and knowledge about the products are impressive, and we work to carry that into our business.

EuroPharma® also has a Science and Education Advisory Board consisting of five individuals highly recognized in such fields as cancer research, integrative and natural medicine, herbal research and internal medicine. This board helps in researching and developing the new products that EuroPharma produces.

Some of our favorite products include Terry Naturally® Vitamin D3 Chewable Tablets, Traumaplant® Comfrey Cream, SinuCare™ Extra Strength, Curamin® Extra Strength, CuraMed®, and Bronchial Clear™; however, there are many other effective products that you may find work very well for you and your needs.

If you don’t see a favorite Terry Naturally® product on our site that you would like to try, let us know, and we will order it for you. Don’t worry - these products arrive fast so we can get them to you quickly, usually within the week.

Our commitment to provide you with excellent customer service is what drives our business, and we appreciate your continued loyalty of Homestead Market® as it helps support many families around the nation.

Jana Duval is the Marketing Manager at Homestead Market
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