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XyliTEK Ultra-Strength Waxed Dental Floss - 40 meters

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Unique lightly waxed dental floss with xylitol helps prevent plaque and bacteria from accumulating on tooth surfaces.
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Note:  Our recent shipment of XyliTEK™ XpanDent™ Sponge Floss™ was packaged and labeled as Sponge Floss, but actually contained the Ultra-Strength Nylon Dental Floss, which is described below. Although this is not the REAL Sponge Floss, it is a great floss that is strong, waxed, and effective.

If you wish to purchase the REAL Sponge Floss™, please click here XyliTEK™ XpanDent™ Sponge Floss™!

XyliTEK™ Ultra-Strength Nylon Dental Floss with Light Wax and Xylitol is a new innovation to enhance periodontal health.  Xylitol has been demonstrated to prevent the accumulation of plaque and bacteria on tooth surfaces.  This new delivery mechanism with improved nylon strength has a unique ability to slip Xylitol into the interdental spaces and prevent plaque-containing bacteria from accumulating below the contact spaces in between teeth.

Each spool contains 43.8 yards (40m) of waxed, xylitol-coated floss.

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