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XyliTEK Ultra-Strength Waxed Dental Floss - 40 meters

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Unique lightly waxed dental floss with xylitol helps prevent plaque and bacteria from accumulating on tooth surfaces. Bulk floss pricing & quantities available!
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Note:  Our recent shipment of XyliTEK™ XpanDent™ Sponge Floss™ was packaged and labeled as Sponge Floss, but actually contained the Ultra-Strength Nylon Dental Floss, which is described below. Although this is not the REAL Sponge Floss, it is a great floss that is strong, waxed, and effective.

If you wish to purchase the REAL Sponge Floss™, please click here XyliTEK™ XpanDent™ Sponge Floss™!

XyliTEK™ Ultra-Strength Nylon Dental Floss with Light Wax and Xylitol is a new innovation to enhance periodontal health.  Xylitol has been demonstrated to prevent the accumulation of plaque and bacteria on tooth surfaces.  This new delivery mechanism with improved nylon strength has a unique ability to slip Xylitol into the interdental spaces and prevent plaque-containing bacteria from accumulating below the contact spaces in between teeth.

Each spool contains 43.8 yards (40m) of waxed, xylitol-coated floss.

Looking to purchase dental floss in bulk quantities? We can fulfill case orders of dental floss! Please see above for quantity discounts when purchasing bulk waxed floss from XyliTEK.

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