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Xylitol - An Amazing Discovery for Health

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This easy-to-read booklet gives well researched information on the many health benefits of xylitol.
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Though scientists identified the glyconutrient xylitol over a hundred years ago, its beneficial properties have been discovered only recently. This informative and easy-to-read booklet is written by well-known researchers on the health benefits of xylitol: Professor Kauko K. Makinen; Alonzo H. Jones, DO; and John Peldyak, DMD.

With a low glycemic index of 7 (compared to table sugar at 100), xylitol is the perfect sweetener for diabetics.

In addition, xylitol is clinically proven to fight against tooth cavities and upper respiratory infections (including earaches). With outstanding germ-fighting properties and satisfaction for your sweet tooth, xylitol is an effective new addition to your arsenal of health-promoting supplements.

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