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ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener - 1 lb. bag
ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener - 1 lb. bag

ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener - 1 lb. bag

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This blend of high-quality monk fruit extract with natural ingredients serves as a great tasting, healtier alternative to sugar. Measures the same as sugar.
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ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener is the only all-natural, zero calorie, zero glycemic sweetener on the market that measures and tastes like sugar. One cup of ZenSweet equals 1 cup of sugar. This makes it healthy and easy to re-create all your favorite recipes.

ZenSweet is a pure sweetener whose ingredients are all-Natural. It is not only low calorie, at 0.34 calories per gram, but its ingredients can help maintain digestive and oral health and may aid in balancing blood sugar levels.
  • Made with Monk Fruit*
  • Tastes like sugar with no bitter aftertaste
  • Non-GMO
  • Measures cup for cup like sugar
  • Zero calorie
  • Zero glycemic and diabetic friendly
  • Low carb and keto friendly
  • No artificial ingredients
For baking mixes made with ZenSweet, see Baking Mixes.

*Monk fruit extract comes from monk fruit, or luo han guo, a melon-like fruit that grows on a vine and is native to parts of China and Thailand. “The sweetener is made by juicing the fruit and processing it into crystal form,” explains Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, New York City–based nutrition expert and author of Eating in Color. (Monk fruit extract is also made into a liquid.) see

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